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These are the Rules and F.A.Q. that have been in place since the begining in 1997, in RED we will be adding some changes... take a look and let us know what you think, or ideas you have:) 


  • 1964 and prior TRADITIONAL style rods and customs ONLY

  • No visible billet anything! Especially wheels!

  • No digital gauges

  • No IFS on fenderless cars

  • No trailer queens

  • No mag wheel styles made after the 60’s

  • No high tech styled, pastel heart beat graphic, tweed interior, fenderless IFS sporting hot rods

  • Traditional looking choppers and bobbers ONLY! (No modern West Coast Choppers, OCC style bikes)

  • If you have a bitchin' ride that doesn't quite fit these rules do not fret, you can still participate in the fun. At every event we will have a seperate "IMPOUND LOT" dedicated to non-conforming vehicles, with awards and everything!  


What is “traditional” style?
If you dont know what a 50’s and 60’s styled hot rod or custom is, refer to the rules at the top of the page for the roughest of guidelines. Other than that, look through pictures of past shows on this website to get a taste of the style. You can also refer to hot rodding magazines from the 50’s and 60’s. They are full of 50’s and 60’s styled hot rods and customs.

Is Billetproof a “Rat Rod” show?

Is Billetproof a Rock-a-Billy revival?

I have an Aluminum intake on my car, can still come to the show?
Yes. Cast Aluminum parts are fine. Obvious machined billet Aluminum parts are not.

My car is…
has chrome…can I bring it to the show?
Yes. The past was not black and white, nor was it dull.

I have a fiberglass body car, can I bring it to the show?

I have a post 1964 car/truck that has the same body style as the 1964 and prior model, can I bring it to the show?
Yes. An example of this would be a 1966 Chevy truck. They had the same body style from 1964-1966, and all of those model years are welcome at the show as long as they are traditionally styled.

Why do you hate Billet parts?
We dont. We respect the high tech side of the hot rodding world. This just isnt the show for those style of cars. Billetproof is for 50’s and 60’s styled hot rods and customs. ....
When these rules were written the common fad was gross Billet everything, over the past 22 years fads have changed, good taste is more common... if you proudly have a 90s style billet laiden barge, OR any other vehicle that doesn't really fit in, dont sweat it.. bring it and we will let you show it in the new "trouble makers lot" every show will have. Its a designated area for you guys and gals that arent livin the full billetproof live.. we even have an award for best trouble maker. 

I’m going to try and sneak my high tech rod/off topic car/car that doesnt fit the rules into the show!
Are ya? You rebel you. While we appreciate the enthusiasm for bringing your ride to Billetproof, please dont. You will be turned away at the gate. This just isnt the show for it. You wouldnt take your cat to a dog show, or your jacked up 4×4 to a low-rider show… so dont bring your high tech billet clad hot rod or custom to Billetproof. Come on out as a spectator and enjoy the largest gatherings of traditionally styled hot rods and customs. ..
bring it, put it in the "trouble maker lot" :)

I went to a Billetproof show and saw a car that I dont think should have been in the show.
Relax. Its just a car show. Occasionally one or two cars that dont belong in the show get past the Gate Goons. It does not mean that you can also bring in your off-topic car. Nor should you be upset that “they” got in and your off-topic car got turned away. There are always openings to work as a Gate Goon at each show. You are welcome to volunteer your time to make sure this tragedy doesnt happen again.

I went to Billetproof and thought my car should have won a trophy and now I’m upset.


What should I expect at a Billetproof show?
A good time. Billetproof shows are relaxed afairs for like minded gear heads to gather and enjoy the day. Talk to fellow car owners, you’ll love the stories and likely meet some new friends. The many different venues where Billetproof shows are held offer up different flavors to each show. There will likely be live bands, some venues allow burn-out contests (others dont), lots of great venors and of course tons fo traditionally styled hot rods and customs. We post a schedule of events at each show and then do our best to stick to it. If somethings happen a little early or late, dont stress, its just a car show. We do our best to make sure everything is in place for you to have a good time. If there is something that we can fix, let us know. We’re always trying to make the shows better.