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 These are basically the Rules set in place since 1997 


  • Pre '65 TRADITIONAL 50's-'60's style rods and kustoms ONLY

  • No visible billet anything! Especially wheels!

  • No digital gauges

  • No IFS on fenderless cars

  • No trailer queens

  • No modern high tech styled anything!

  • Traditional looking choppers, bobbers and bikes ONLY! 


And for the first time Billetproof will be opening up a loophole for non- billetproof approved cars to attend events. There is a long history of cars trying to sneak in and-or being turned away that are cool, but do not quite fit the billetproof style... is this you? Now you too can participate.. cars that don't meet Billetproof rules will be relegated to what we are calling thee "impound lot", where else would rule breakers go?... this area will be clearly seperated from the rest and even have its own award... got a 70s van? Mini Truck? Muscle car? Street rod?... your in the Impound lot. We think doing this will add to the over-all Billetproof Fun.... have any thoughts of your own? drop us a line!

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