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    Billetproof is the oldest and longest running "traditional" Rod and Custom automotive event in the world (as far as we know). Created in 1997 as a backlash to tastelessly overdone billet clad street rods of the day the very first show Billetproof was in the Nor-Cal bay area. In the "10s Billetproof had grown into seven events all over the USA, and even one down under in Australia. 

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  Now Under its third round of leadership Billetproof plans on expanding to include ten events, new attractions, better swap meets, a possible vintage road racing event, mini-bikes... and a return to the personalized feeling Billetproof started with... Rad cars is what its about, Car Culture, Art, Music, Family... Heck, we may even expand the cut off years a little, after all that pre-65 cutoff is now a 25 year old rule..  We would love to hear from you, what would like to see at the next Billetproof? drop us a line. 

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