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An update about Billetproof from Jeff Allison


   There has been a lot of talk about what is going on with Billetproof... where did it go? Will it be back? what is the story? I am writing this to clear up any confusion and set the record straight about where we have been and where we hope to go for 2024.


   As I am sure most of you know Billetproof was sold in late 2019 to me and a partner. We had both been part of Billetproof since almost the beginning, I had come on board in 2002 as the primary merch artist and helped develope the Billetproof look that has since been copied so many times. Billetproof was first though, born in 1997 it is the standard, the icon. My partner and I had big plans to bring Billetproof back to its former glory, I mean lets face it the last few years were not what Billetproof was always about.


  So in 2019 we hit the ground running setting up all of the original shows and even some new ones. It takes a hyge amnount of time and resource to put together 7 shows around the country and that is what we had planned. A few months into 2020 talk of a virus began and needless to say our shows were one by one shut down. We remained excited and waited, and as 2021 rolled around we began setting up events again. Our 2021 schedule was going to be cut back a bit but we planned on doing some new drag events since one of our primary events had been turned into a car club event the previous year. and again, one by one they were shut down.

   By that point my partner had decided to bail out, but also thought they could cash out. To that point we had lost several tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds or maybe thousands of hours of time, for nothing. So a cash out was completely inappropriate and the end of a 20 year friendship was soon the result.

   In late 2021 I began looking at events I could set up for 2022, and then omnicrom started popping up in the news I couldnt dare chance losing a third year in a row, so I didnt even bother and as it turned out I could have probably done a few of the best events.


   In August of 2022 my priorities changed, I had been working with and for Jimmy Shine during this entire time but had just left that shop and became partners in another, Old Anvil speed shop. So for 2023 I did not think it fair to my new partners to devote time to something other than our shop. Now, today its mid 2023 and everyone wants to know what is going on. Lots of people are wanting to have new shows in new places, the old shows in those places and so on, and I am about to start talking to various folks who want to help about doing 2024 events.


Will it happen? I hope so, I think so, and I will update this as changes are made... if you have an idea and want to partner up on doing a Billetproof event hit me up. easiest way to reach me is my shop email,    

 Thank you

                                                                                                               Your’s truly, Jeff Allison

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